Skelmersdale Prize Band

Registered charity number 508535


Please support the band by becoming a 'Friend of Skem Band' or a sponsor. You can now also support us by shopping via The Giving Machine. By shopping via The Giving Machine retailers give us a costs you no extra! Click here to sign up for free and support us while you shop!

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Running and maintaining a brass band  requires dedication and support.  In order to further aid the progression and integrity of Skelmersdale Prize Band, lots of hard work and input is required. However, this task is made even more difficult due to the financial struggles that many brass bands find themselves experiencing.  The expenditure involved in running a brass band more often than not outweighs the income that most bands generate.  Therefore, sponsorship is greatly appreciated and yet widely unavailable for many local brass bands. Furthermore, due to the recent formation of the West Lancashire Youth Brass Band, the organisation needs to be able to carry on developing the facilities available to members of the band.  Sponsorship is a key element of this process.

Become a Friend of Skem Band

By becoming a friend of the band you will receive regular newsletters keeping you up to date with the band and youth band. The band would be grateful of donations however small.
Sponsor the band

By sponsoring Skelmersdale Prize Band, your organisation would recieve constant advertising and recognition through the medium of the band.  Sponsorship of a brass band is a source of cheap and highly effective advertising, that seems to remain a generally untapped route of publicity for many businesses and organisations.

Due to the amount of contests, concerts, marches and public events that the band participates in anually, your business has the potential to reach a wider audience.

If your business or organisation has a website we will put a link on our links page. We will also send regular newsletters to keep you up to date.

Want more information?

If you have any interest in sponsoring the band, becoming a friend, or if you would simply like some more information on the organisation of Skelmersdale Prize Band you can contact us by email: